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Balancing work and home

Striking a balance between work and home is one of the most fundamental prerequisites for leading a happy life. There is no one strategy that we all can use which will help us magically strike a balance between these two aspects of our lives. Here are some suggestions to help find and strike a healthy balance. 

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  • Poohey

    We really have to place emphasis on communicating about conflicts and difficulties at work place and issues at home or interpersonal relationship. communication is the key to lead a healthy and a balanced life so that the other knows what one is going through and one who faces it seeks right amount of help when in most need.

  • rinki2222

    good article

  • nsubrama

    very helpful

  • subharaghav

    good article

  • sweetycutie

    we cant expect idealistic sitiations in work or home, but it would do a lot of good to have some support system! good article!

  • gugala

    nice article

  • nivedi

    helpful article for most of us ...thanks

  • suchitachhotu


  • Maximus Gonsalves


  • 1432924

    Really good article for balancing work and home together ........

  • sweetrash87

    Very innovative.....already feeling lighter.

  • babyandme

    Good article...

  • sriabi

    "Thank you" first i am having so many prblm because ofwork pressure nw i can clear all those problems

  • vsiddapu

    Very helpful ..

  • priyanka0704

    Really good..........

  • kcln

    Good Articulation..

  • ojayanthi

    Nice writeup

  • Kumarvikash07

    Really Help to work Life balance