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Preparing for adoption

Be absolutely sure about why you would like to adopt and it is essential that both partners are in complete agreement about the decision. It requires a lot of deliberate thought because of the long term commitment. Talk to other adoptive parents about the challenges that they faced and how they handled it. Find out if you meet the pre-adoptive requirements in terms of age and other legalities as the laws may differ on certain aspects such as time and religion.

Emotional homework

If you have been dealing with infertility or have faced challenges in having biological children, then do process your emotions before proceeding with adoption. Any residual feelings of grief and loss need to be dealt with for creating a happy family. One has to be endowed with patience and perseverance to go through the lengthy and often frustrating paper work associated with the process of adoption, the home study, dealing with medical problems that the adopted child may have and understanding one's own limitations in handling the associated emotions.

Acceptance from family

In India, getting the approval of extended family may play an important role in making the process of adoption smooth. The entry of the adoptive child into the family may be met with mixed reactions. While some may welcome the move, there may be others who may not readily accept the adoptive child. It is essential to get the immediate family like the grandparents and siblings on board so that the adoptive child feels welcomed and loved.

Financial considerations

Make sure that your finances are in order before embarking on the adoption journey. The adoption agencies will also make sure that the potential parents can take care of the financial needs of the child. There may also be additional medical costs in case the child has previous medical challenges. You may also have to keep aside funds to pay the adoption agency and meet other legal costs.

Strong and stable marriage

One of the most crucial requirements that the adoption agency or social worker will look for is the relationship that you and your partner share. While there are no guarantees in any marriage, there is a strong likelihood that things will go in your favour if you have a stable and loving marital relationship. So if there are issues of concern in your marriage, do see a counsellor and sort out the differences before applying for adopting a child.

Parenting is a responsibility that cannot be taken lightly and when you adopt, this responsibility is even more intense. Both you and your partner have to be ready on all fronts - psychologically, financially and legally. Will you be able to accept and embrace a child that is not biologically yours? If yes, then there is nothing that can stand in the way of providing a loving home for your bundle of joy. Knowing that he or she is no longer living in an orphanage but in your home surrounded by loving parents, bound by love and not your genes, what can be more heartwarming!

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