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It can get very tricky to stay active throughout the day. In today’s world, given that most of us have desk jobs, it is even more challenging. We are sitting most of times, while working, traveling, eating, watching tv, etc. Ergo, it is very important to plan your schedule, so you are moving more and sitting less through the day.

The following can help you increase your activity;

  • · Try to walk more – It is one of the most convenient, pocket friendly way to stay fit and to be active. This helps you to move more with added health benefits. You can go to a nearby park or start with walking on the spot/ at home that will help you reach your target steps per day.
  • · Stand up while working - This helps to reduce your time being sedentary. If you have a sedentary desk job, stand up every 30-60 minutes. You can even set up a standing desk which will help in burning more calories compared to sitting all day.
  • · Walk while taking calls – If you are working or just enjoying your weekends at home, always take a break from your desk and start moving. Walking during such instances add up to your step count and burns more calories.
  • · Include an online physical workout class in your routine – This helps to burn majority of the calories per day as your instructor is helping you out in an online class at a set time interval, at least 5 days a week. You can work out preferably during the morning hours before you get busy during the day. It helps you to be more productive as well.
  • · Try to include workout while watching tv – By including a change in your workout, it gets easier to burn more calories. In addition to following an online class, you can include such small workouts through the day. This can be a change of environment while you work out.
  • · Set reminders to stay active – Sometimes you may forget to include the above-mentioned activities/ short workout breaks because of your busy schedule. During such times, these reminders on your phone every 1-2 hours help you to stay active during the day.
  • · Take the stairs whenever possible – Always choose the stairs instead of a lift/ an elevator or escalator. This helps to increase your steps per day and tone your muscles if done on a regular basis.
  • · Have a get-together in a park – Instead of catching up with friends/ colleagues/ family at a dining place, go to a park, so you can have fun and include physical activities for recreation.
  • · Stretch every hour while at work - Stretching improves blood circulation in muscles. Sitting for too long can tighten your muscles due to inactivity. This helps to reduce stress and inflammation.
  • · Try to find ways to stay active – gardening, walking your dog, playing with children, domestic chores, etc.

These simple tricks can help you stay active throughout the day. Try not to have a sedentary lifestyle. Working out for just an hour a day might not be as effective as staying active throughout the day. Have a positive approach and shift your focus towards health each day.



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