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For a health-conscious individual, healthy eating and exercising while on a trip, be it for business or pleasure, can be a challenging task. It is easy to get carried away and resort to unhealthy eating. 

Common mistakes while travelling: 

  • Skipping meals – When on a business trip, one may have a mindset to complete as much work as possible. This often leads to skipping breakfast. It is important to kick start your day and boost metabolism with a healthy breakfast. Breakfast doesn’t have to be a tedious affair. It could just be a healthy, whole-grain cereal with milk and fruit or a quick oats pudding with fruit. This is enough to give you an energy boost as you start your day. 

  • Overeating – You often feel obliged to eat or finish the food you ordered at a restaurant, even though you are full. You can always opt for a healthy appetizer or half the portion of the meal that you order. You can pack up to  eat it later. Sometimes, the portion sizes of the foods you order can be too much to consume in a single day. 

  • Lower water intake – Most of the time, thirst is mistaken as hunger, which leads to overeating. In such cases, water would have been enough. Stay hydrated, carry a bottle with you wherever you go, this serves as a visual reminder for you to drink water. 

  • Social pressure – It is important to say- “No". Always remember that no one can make you do anything which you don’t want to. Team outings, dinners and parties can pressurize you to indulge in alcohol. Be mindful of these pitfalls while you are attending social events. 

Here are few tips that can help developing a healthy behaviour and eating mindfully: 

  • Ask for the dressing to be on the side. Salads are definitely healthy, but when bathed in restaurant high-calorie dressings, the salads could be calorie-dense and less healthy. You can have a dressing on the side.  

  • Include a protein in every meal. It improves satiety and aids in clear thinking.  

  • Keep a water bottle with you. It encourages you to drink more water. 

  • Go easy on caffeine. They are calorie-dense especially the ones you order from a coffee shop. 

  • Be smart while snacking.  It doesn’t have to be limited to choosing a healthy snack. You can also pack some perishables like nuts, seeds, fruits to avoid resorting to a vending machine snack. 

  • Stay away from the empty calories. You should avoid the consumption of juices or sodas for a quick fix or hydration, as they pack a ton of sugar and add a lot of calories to your intake. 

  • Don’t hesitate to ask. Always ask for substitutions, you can reduce your calorie intake and eat healthy by asking to replace a plate of fries with salad or stir-fried vegetables or ask for a grilled chicken rather than a fried one. 

  • Plan your meals. Planning meals ahead ensures you are eating meals on time and that you choose healthy. 

  • Stick to your usual eating pattern. Avoid changing the meal timings, if you know when to eat, you can easily choose what to eat by organizing and pre-planning. 

  • Look for a local grocery store near your hotel, where you can buy healthy foods.  Always read labels before purchasing anything. 

  • Customize your meals. You can opt for a healthier cooking methods, addition or removal of certain unhealthy items, etc. 

  • Cook whenever you can, choose a room with a kitchenette or microwave or a boiler – where you can cook quick meals using the appliances. 

  • Research about the food and the place you are staying at, so you can choose healthy local foods. 

  • Commit to eating vegetables and lean proteins in every meal. 

  • Pack your exercise clothes. It will ensure you will take time to work out, besides, a quick jog can help you in getting familiar with the new surroundings. 

  • Try to wake up early, so you can exercise in the morning. This helps in case of any unexpected work that comes up in the evening because of a demanding work schedule. 

  • Track your steps, make sure you walk 10,000 steps in a day. 

  • Use your smartphone to track your exercise and meals. 


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