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Stress is everywhere in today’s world, but how it is handled can make all the difference. 

Stress levels can raise cortisol levels which in turn increase cravings. These cravings are high in women and they crave for carbs, especially for sweet foods, according to the researches at University of California, San Francisco Medical Centre. These foods which are sweets and high in carbs, worsens the mood when consumed in higher quantities.  

There are many strategies to combat stress and one of them includes what you eat. The effects of stress can be fought to a certain extent by just adding the right foods in your diet. Some of the foods which can help bust stress are as follows - 

•    Avocados – They have a lot of health benefits and are creamy fruits that have calming effect with its fatty dense texture. It fights against oxidative stress in our body and is a great source of B vitamins, vitamin E, potassium, mono unsaturated fats and beta carotene. It has excess fats, so you would need to keep an eye on the portion size of consumption. 

•    Nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashews – These help in regulating mood, preventing memory loss & depression and help you sleep better as they contain magnesium, zinc, B vitamins, vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids and other polyphenols. 

•    Fatty fish – Omega 3 fatty acids found in naturally fatty fish helps with combatting stress hormonal imbalances and depression. They help in reducing mood swings, anxiety and restlessness.  

•    Milk and Yogurt – The calcium present in milk and yogurt is known to reduce depression and eases anxiety and mood swings linked to PMS. 

•    Oats – It is a complex carb which digests slowly and promotes satiety. It is a source of serotonin, complex carbohydrates and various minerals that makes it a good mood boosting food. 

•    Tea – Green tea can boost brain and enhance mental performance. Black tea can lower the levels of stress hormone and can make you feel calmer. 

•    Dark green leafy veggies – Veggies like spinach, broccoli, asparagus are good sources of magnesium, B vitamins and folate that help fight stress and anxiety. Broccoli with vitamin C in it keeps cortisol and adrenaline under check that helps fight stress.  

•    Oranges – It has excellent vitamin C which is known to curb the stress hormones and keep the stress away, while simultaneously strengthening the immune system. 

•    Berries – They are rich in antioxidants and contain vitamin C which is known to help beat the stress. Thus, it has positive health outcomes and improves cognition as well. 

•    Dark chocolate – It is known to have antioxidants and when eaten in moderation, proves to be heart healthy. They help lower blood pressure and lighten up mood. 

In addition to these stress-busting foods, exercise can also be a great strategy to combat stress as it boosts oxygen circulation and produces endorphins which helps one feel good. Thus, a combination of exercise and stress-busting foods can be of great help. 

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