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Living up to the ideals of a modern father can create a lot of pressure. So what exactly does it take to be a Good Father if not a perfect one?

Being More than Provider Protector
Being part of your child's life does not mean that you stop being a 'provider', but that's not enough any more. To make a sufficient impact on your child's life you need to be sensitive to a few more things.

Be there for them
For you, to be a great 'Dad', the kids are not asking for all those expensive gifts and gizmos you shower them with. All they expect is for their dad to be there for them. This means listening to them when they are sad or confused. It also means sharing in their triumphs and joys however small they may seem to you.

Spend more time with them and be a strong role model
The only way a child will get to know her father is by spending time with him. The way the father behaves, the language he uses, the way he treats other people shape the child's idea of a father. The child needs a strong role model to look up to. As much as you want to be proud of your kids, they want to be proud of their father too.

Strengthen the bonds by opening yourself
The relationship that a father shares with his kids holds a great significance in the person the kid will grow up to be as well as the choices he will make. The modern father unlike the dad of previous generations is not only able to connect with his son but is able to bond with his daughter as well. It's important to realize that how men treat their wives or other women goes to shape how their daughters will look at men for the rest of their lives and how their sons will treat women.

Listen to your kids, get to know them
As a father, make sure you have time for your kids at every stage. Know who their friends are, what movies they like, what books they are reading, the music they are interested in, what is it they hate about school. In other words LISTEN. Put in your best. After all you wouldn't want to look back when the kids are grown and wish you had tried harder.

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Sannith on 29 Dec 2016, 14:49 PM

A father should never compare and put down the children in front of otheirs which causes a child to a have negative attitude towards life. Father needs to support his child at any moment.

PDEVASUNDARAM on 23 Jun 2015, 12:20 PM

Nice article...