Designed to address personal, work and relationship concerns emanating from shift-work. This specialised programme is focussed on helping individuals navigate challenges such as sleep disruption, family-life balance that come with this lifestyle and to ultimately help them optimize all aspects of their well-being.


Built specifically for shift-work related lifestyles, our Shiftright programme encompasses everything from sleep management to work-life balance
Expert Connect
Connect with our expert counsellors to better tackle issues and concerns related to shift work management. Modes available include: video, chat, telephone, e-mail
Emotional Health Census
Census at team/cohort level to identify those most in need of interventions, proactive reaching out to concerned individuals to offer them support
Targeted Interventions
Specific, expert-curated, research-backed group interventions to address concerns arising from shift work such as Deep Sleep Intervention
Online Wellness Portal
Providing access to expert-authored assessments, articles to help you identify your concerns better and decide the next steps on your well-being journey.