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  • Can stress affect your heart?

    Is there a link between stress and heart health?

  • How to identify hidden sugars in foods?

    Some foods do not mention ‘sugars' in their ingredient list but still have sugar present in them. They are labelled in a different way. There is no differentiation between natural sugars and hidden sugars on the label ! If the first few ingredients are a form of sugars, then the food is likely to be high in total sugars.

  • Debunking Food Myths

    It is time to debunk a few common myths about foods!

  • Exercise and Fitness for the Expectant Mother

    Regular exercise is a good idea to cope with emotional and physical changes during pregnancy. Here are some points and precautions to keep in mind before you plan your exercise regime.

  • Why Women Need Exercise

    Working women can hardly find the time or inclination to do what is necessary to stay fit. Weight issues are not uncommon with having to work at odd hours and nature of work being desk job these days. Not only does regular exercise aid in weight loss, it reduces your risk for several chronic diseases and conditions. Finding activities that you enjoy and which become part of your daily routine is the key to a long and healthy life. 

  • Walking : The Beginner's Schedule

    Walking for 7 hours a week is associated with a decreased risk of type II diabetes and breast cancer. Walking for 30 minutes day or 3 hours per week is associated with a decreased risk of heart diseases. It is recommended that you walk an hour a day on most days of the week. 


  • Diet and Weight Loss Tips

    A healthy and balanced diet is important to maintain good health. A balanced diet means consuming foods from all the food groups. It is important to have a varied diet as no single food contains all the nutrients which are necessary for the body. 


  • Boost the benefits of your walk

    Walking is the safest, easiest, cheapest form of an exercise. Walking provides many health benefits as it helps to prevent weight gain, reduces the risk of blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes.

  • Walking : Stay Motivated

    Walking is one of the easiest and convenient ways to be active, to get fit, to lose weight and to be healthier. Studies have shown that walking reduces the risk of heart diseases, diabetes and some cancers. 

  • Walk Your Way to Health

    All of us are aware of the benefits of physical activity to remain fit. However the physical activity need not be anything strenuous or complicated, something as simple as a regular brisk walk has huge health benefits.

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