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  • Stress Proofing Your Child

    If you feel that stress affects only adults and if you have been thinking, "but childhood means being carefree and happy, isn't it?", then think again. In a world of academic pressures and where tough competition exists with the need to perform to one's best, you may be worried about your child's future career and success. While many of these expectations can be motivating, excessive pressure can result in psychological ill-health and lower levels of well-being for children.

  • TV and Your Child

    How many hours does your child spend in front of the TV everyday?  Many of us are convinced that our kids (and we ourselves!) cannot live without TV. TV keeps our children entertained and no doubt there are many good programmes on TV that can really be beneficial. But let's take a look at all the things that your child is missing when watching TV.

  • Deciding to have a Second Baby

    Just like the decision to have a first child is a very personal choice, so is the decision to have a second child. Whether one decides to have their second child or third, the truth is that any new addition to the family is bound to bring about changes in the lives of each family member involved.

  • Coping with an Unwelcome Pregnancy

    Contrary to popular belief, pregnancy is not always greeted with joy and excitement. If you are not prepared to be a parent you may feel confused and depressed on getting this news. And to add to it, you also feel guilty about your feelings. When you are assailed with so many doubts, you are bound to feel that something is wrong with you. Well, this may not necessarily be the case as some women do go through such mixed feelings.

  • Coping with an Empty Nest

    Children have the ability to crawl into all the spaces in our hearts and life. We often wonder what we were doing with our time before they were born! Our life revolves around their school, after school activities, health and emotions. Even our holidays are centered on their interests and needs. So when it is time to send them away to college overseas or another town for further education, or even marriage, it can be heart wrenching.

  • Exam Time- Stressful Time

    Examination times are not only stressful for children, but parents too! If parents really want to help their children, they need to be realistic and balanced in their approach. It would then be imperative to know what factors are counterproductive to performance, and then work towards overcoming them. Here are some tips on helping your kids deal with exams effectively.

  • Letter Writing- A Creative Tool For Your Child

    Letter writing is a great exercise for children to work on their creativity. It is a good way to keep relationships alive, no matter where individuals live or how often they see each other. There are no boundaries when it comes to letter writing. This article explores its benefits.

  • Your Child's Teacher and You

    Let's face it. Most children do not breeze through the school years without problems. There are bound to be issues with grades, homework, behavior, a classmate or even a particular teacher's approach to dealing with the kids under her charge. Here are some points to keep in mind when such a situation arises and parent-teacher collaboration is necessary.

  • My Teacher Hates Me

    At some point, most kids come home complaining that their teacher picks on them or that they hate their teacher. So don't be too alarmed when you hear those first complaints. It's completely normal for children to feel frustrated with their teachers at some point during their school years.

  • Effective Study Skills

    This article shares some useful insights into to your child's study world. As a busy parent, these points may not have come to your awareness. Following a certain structure and some strategies can do wonders and get you results.

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