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Strategies to Build Resilience Before Facing Trauma

The process of adapting in adversity or bouncing back from difficult experiences such as family and relationship problems, serious health problems or workplace and financial stressors is known as resilience. Research deems resilience as a skill, which could be developed or learned especially during traumatic events. Find out how to build this skill in yourself.

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  • Kabir30

    Exercise always and have written plan is a good way to build a new habit. Talk and think always positive, this is a good way to tell yourself that you\'re good because yourself never realize what real and fake stress so good thoughts will empower you in same positive way.

  • Demo1to1_cbl2


  • Ashia

    no one stays. infect half of the time, they judge you in that situation.

  • akshaykumarsethi

    This is just like reading blogs. This kind advise, from people nearby when we are going through tough times, makes us more insecure.

  • suruthipriya

    This is advice may be good to read or good to listen to. This article doesn\'t have any practical and logical action ... Remember this World is not very easy to face :). There are many people who misuse his authority, steal others hard work when fresher facing these kinds of issues continuously automatically he or she lose confidence on his or her

  • ToobaIftikhar

    I like tip #4 where we\'re encouraged to visualize what we want as opposed to focusing on what we fear. It is empowering in the sense that it directs us towards taking actions about things we have some control over.

  • sucharu1981

    No practical advice. This is what everyone knows and never works. In the down times, family and friends are first to go...