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Pumpkin seeds to the rescue!

Pumpkin seeds, also known as pepita, are loaded with nutrients. They provide several health benefits. 

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  • Bhuvanaselvam

    good information

  • TejaDee

    Thanks for the information

  • avinashvithal

    wow its good. we always thrown out the seeds bot now onward we save

  • naptop1947

    Wow!!! Fantantico! I'm gonna try this. We always used to throw away the seeds and eat only the fleshy part. Many thanks

  • AnirK

    Very informative!

  • kannan1to1

    Really good..don't put any negative comments ...Like taske is not good....

  • jironekarjs

    How to make preparation --the receipe as the pumpkin seeds are boring in eating.Taste is not so good.

  • meenuduggal

    yes very nice thanks for this good knowledge