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Long Distance Relationships

In this day and age when we move away from our home town in search of better prospects, it is not unnatural to find ourselves in the middle of what we call a Long Distance Relationship. These relationships can be difficult and this article helps you with ways to handle the difficulties.

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long distance relationship dififculty in relationship communication


  • 24904791

    I loved this article.... gives so much clarity and fresh air of thoughts and understanding

  • DeepakVenkatesh

    Well Said Truth

  • ramprasady24

    You need to trust your partner unconditionally.

  • Sanobia

    Yes......this statement makes sense..you cannot force a person to talk to you always :)

  • Cityrider

    "Is there a rule that states that your partner should be willing to speak to you whenever you want to?" - Dont agree with this :)