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Is your smartphone making you less social?

Nowadays, in so many areas of everyday life, from bank ATMs to automated telephone answering services, to smart phones, it is quite possible to avoid dealing with human beings. While technology can make life easier and convenient, it also makes one wonder….  Is it impacting our comfort level of face to face interactions? Are we becoming more shy?

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  • sengarashu

    There are many apps , search on google play by --> Track phone usage. I recommend --> Quality Time App Download URL : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zerodesktop.appdetox.qualitytime&hl=en

  • shadagopan

    interesting Shriganesh. Whats the app btw you are referring to? Would be good to know how I am doing!

  • shriganesh

    "spent less face time with people." I am an Android guy. So I can never face time with people ;) Geeky jokes aside, there are apps which can monitor how long you use your phone per day and which app is used most and how many times the phone was unlocked. I was surprised to find that I was roughly using my phone for 2.5 hours on a average per day.