Is Change the Answer to My Problems?

Change and growth being happy

We are sometimes of the belief that if we had that one big change in our lives, our lives would be completely different. Life would become easier to manage and the majority of our problems wouldn't affect us as much. However, sometimes, it's also true that we get the desired change we want in life but our levels of happiness don't really change in the long-term. 




Very interesting exercise - will definitely try it, I think it\'ll be very valuable.


Very well curated article. Left me in a very clear head space. A few best picks from the article:
1. Addressing the bias that \' growth is achieved via change\'.
2. The more evolutionary explanation of how adaptation brings humans a sense of fulfillment and enhances self-reliance.
3. Also, how adaptation in the modern world is no longer to survival from life threatening predators but the rampant consumerism and its channels.
4. Lastly, I loved the conscious/reflective activity, will surely try doing it in my journaling.