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Building a Healthy Self- Image

Self-image can be defined as one’s perception of oneself in the context of their relationships, performance, and appearance. One evaluates his/her strengths and weaknesses in these areas to form an image of himself/ herself. Based on the positive and negative attributes, one ascribes certain labels to his/ her identity which either encourages one to work towards success or discourages one from even trying. This article aims to help you develop a healthy self image which is an important aspect of your overall sense of wellbeing.

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  • AbhilashaM

    Really enriching article - and causes one to take a minute to reflect about the our own thoughts and opinions, and where they\'re coming from.

  • lostguy

    How do I make sure I am true to my conscious and see myself becoming the best version of myself and ensure people around me are inspired by my approach to life and to work.

  • Bkahuja

    Nice noting down your strengths and knowing yourself is equally important for self motivation.