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Anger Hurts

Anger is a very natural emotion. But it can also lead to many difficulties in one's life. Read on to understand the impact of anger.

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  • vidushir

    The article brings up the importance of anger as an emotion and validates it at the beginning which is appreciable. Rarely do we get to appreciate the positives of anger as a motivating emotion and the article does a good job of emphasizing it. I like how it connects anger to various aspects of our lives and puts forth the effects it may have on them.

  • akkasturi

    great !!

  • 121956

    Good article

  • Teenaantony

    good article

  • 350061

    I agree with anilcts10.. When we do something, which doesn't suit our nature, we get angry (losing our originality for balancing the situation..!!! That definitely triggers our anger..!!!)

  • vijila89


  • vijila89

    Yes good article.. But how to control angel and tackle it?

  • EnjoyAnger

    I believe, laughter is one way to get out of anger. Crack jokes in a heated arguments and then see the change in the tone. It will calm down your anger.

  • konakala

    Well said anilcts10

  • anilcts10

    Anger is very bad habit but itā??s part of human life. Anger comes only from environment where you involved either its office, home or there place. If people are helping, supportive, allow to grow others without any barrier, if someone is angry due to some problem leave him alone some time and listen all what he is saying and at last say ā??problem is a part of life without problem life is not possible how sincerely you are dealing with your problems is called lifeā?? I am taking responsibility he/she will leave anger. Anger comes only when people repetitively do such Atcitty which not suit your nature or we can say habits then human irritate and gets anger. Good example of dealing with anger is Elephant. when elephant silent all watch him and say so quite so silent and some try to anger him by barking but elephant donā??t bother small thing silently he move but When something unacceptable happen with him he gets angry lots of people support that anger because its required during that time. Keep Silent is best medicine to deal with angerā?¦.

  • shiva786

    in my opinion controling anger have to be developed...medidation or couting 1 till anger dips down would help

  • archanagon

    The article is good and talks about the side effect of Anger But does not talk how to control it or handle it.