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12 Tips to Better Sleep

Do you lie awake in your bed for hours after you lie down? Do you keep tossing and turning in bed waiting for sleep to come to you? Have you ever felt envious of people who don't have difficulty in falling asleep? Research studies conducted on sleep state that there are numerous factors which contribute to problems in falling asleep. If you have difficulties with sleep then you may be aware of how tough it is to focus on work or even manage your emotions through your hectic day, in all the roles you play in the different spheres of your life.

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  • SmartAshish

    Thanks for Giving these Great Tips, goona follow them.

  • anonymoussunshine

    I really liked how information about hormones and how they affect our sleep has been written. It gives a better understanding of how certain things we are doing affects our hormones therefore affecting our sleep

  • anonymoussunshine

    This was a really nice article on sleep hygiene! It had very useful information that is crucial to all of us with our stressful lifestyle. I think it is really important to emphasise on the point of having a regular night time routine as our body and mind recognises that it is time to go to sleep, this is something that really works for me! Also, when I am not able to sleep for a while and lay in bed awake i have noticed, getting off the bed and doing some other relaxing activity like reading or listening to music helps me fall back asleep again

  • ItsmeKumar

    Not Really Helpful for me ...I try almost everything .

  • Pramod50

    I would like to say thank you. I got a lot of help from this app and from this chapter.

  • vikashkeshri31

    Great aticle ! Thanks

  • nithincninan

    Nice article. Thanks for giving the Tips..

  • AnuHelp

    Nice article

  • Nandhubala

    Really good article

  • 532367

    helpful article.

  • kirubaraj

    Nice something feel relaxing....!☺

  • pradeepsama

    Wonderful writing

  • Jeesu

    Good one

  • ShanavasBasha

    Nice one

  • sgdennis

    With reference to your "Lighten up evening meals," I feel sleepy immediately after dinner, especially if it is heavy. If I respond to it, I get very relaxing sleep.

  • karthicksakthivel

    yah,,,,,, It is very usefull and good information i had try and got the better change in my life thanking you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • priyashanthi02

    useful article.. im gonna follow this