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You are entitled to one initial telephonic consultation per issue per year free of cost. If you choose to retain the lawyer for further services, you will be expected to pay professional fees as applicable.


Personal/Family Legal Services
Adoption and guardianship, child custody and support, divorce, separation and annulment, domestic abuse, family law issues, name change.

Real Estate
Documentation in the acquisition or sale of property, lease and rental agreements, loan agreements, foreclosure of loans, property division, boundary disputes, repossession of property.

Civil Issues
Making a will, creditor harassment, lawsuits, loan agreements.

Consumer Issues
Issues relating to retail transactions, warranty and other consumer products matters, governmental entitlements and benefits, advice on small claims court.


Please note following issues will NOT be covered as part of these services:

  • Employment Issues:

    Disputes between employees and employers

  • Corporate Law:

    Not a substitute for corporate counsel

  • Second Opinions:

    Advice will not be given as to how another lawyer is handling a legal situation.

  • Criminal cases:

  • Third party callers:

    Individuals may not seek advice to help someone else