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  • Are kids eating healthy?

    Are junk foods depleting nutrients from kids’ diets? Studies done in India show that the fast food culture is responsible for increasing incidences of micronutrient deficiencies in kids.

  • Take 10 oaths to stop diabetes!

    Take these 10 oaths today to stop diabetes.

  • The 8 smart carbs

    All carbs are not created equal !  Find out which ones are smarter and how they help fight diabetes!

  • 5 festive guilt free sweets

    Indulge in some healthy sweets that are low in calories and rich in fruitiness..and be guilt free this Diwali :)

  • 7 tips to stay on the health wagon

    With Diwali around the corner, it is time to be well prepared for the onslaught of calories ! Use these smart tips to stay slim before and after the festival.

  • Ideal breakfast combos

    Choosing the right combination of foods for breakfast is crucial since it is the most important meal of the day.

  • How to identify hidden sugars in foods?

    Some foods do not mention ‘sugars' in their ingredient list but still have sugar present in them. They are labelled in a different way. There is no differentiation between natural sugars and hidden sugars on the label ! If the first few ingredients are a form of sugars, then the food is likely to be high in total sugars.

  • Blood Sugar Levels & Weight Loss

    Blood sugar is the glucose in our blood and it acts as a fuel and helps in functioning of the body. When we eat the carbohydrates are converted to glucose (blood sugar). This glucose is needed by the cells for the energy. 

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