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 Pregnant @ work

  • Making the Most of Doctor's Visits

    You will be visiting the doctor regularly during your nine months of pregnancy. Here is an outline of the coming months, to help you make the most of these doctor's visits.

  • Healthy Eating for the Pregnant Mom

    While eating for two may sound fun and easy to do, it is not really possible all the time and neither is it strictly true. Ask any pregnant mother struggling with nausea and bloating! Here we have tried to put together some doable and useful tips on what constitutes healthy eating for a working pregnant mother.

  • Exercise and Fitness for the Expectant Mother

    Regular exercise is a good idea to cope with emotional and physical changes during pregnancy. Here are some points and precautions to keep in mind before you plan your exercise regime.

  • What Women should know Before and After a Caesarean Delivery

    Caesarean Section is a major surgery, knowing what to expect can help you prepare and make it easier.

  • Coping with changes during pregnancy

    Being pregnant implies a whole lot of changes, not only physical but emotional as well. Here are some strategies to deal with these changes.


  • Caesarean Section: Helping Women Make Informed Choices

    A doctors view on Caesarean Section: understanding when it is really required and the reasons for recent international rising trends, so as to help you better in the decision making process for your delivery.

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