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 Academic concerns

  • From "You are not good enough" to "I am enough" - Re-authoring Your Life Story

    Sometimes we have certain experiences that stay with us and deeply affect our perceptions of ourselves. However, it is important to understand that these negative perceptions are caused by a variety of different factors around us. It is possible to make changes and look at things with a changed, brighter perspective. Read more to find out how. 

  • School to College: A Phase of Many Transitions

    For most students transitioning from school to college, happens to b the first time they will be living by themselves. There are several other changes that students have to adapt themselves to, to get used to college life. Read more to find what are the different things students can do to make this phase of change an easier one. 

  • Sexual Harassment on Campus

    We currently live in a time where openly reporting acts of sexual harassment and misconduct is becoming more and more common in different sectors. The path of awareness, setting up of strong institutional mechanisms and a correctly followed due process is a long one, however. We are currently far from living in the kind of world where people do not have to hide narratives of these injustices and can live in a completely safe and inclusive environment. Read this piece to understand certain aspects of sexual harassment as well as a few ways in which to deal with it. 

  • Your Relationships and You

    Conflict is a natural part of different kinds of relationships. Our own unique life experiences cause us to deal with them in a certain way. While doing this is understandable, it is also helpful to learn about certain strategies that can help us handle these conflicts better, overall.

  • Dealing with Exam Anxiety

    Feeling anxious before an exam is common. While a certain level of anxiety can even be helpful, it is a different matter when this anxiety begins to feel debilitating and doesn't allow one to attempt questions with a relaxed and focused approach. Read this piece to understand how to tackle problems faced due to heightened anxiety during exam time. 

  • Procrastination - To Do or Not to Do, That is The Question

    Procrastination is often joked about as something that nearly everybody deals with. The nature of procrastination as something that is commonplace can cover the fact that solving it takes some time, thinking and effort. Read this piece to understand how it is relevant to figure out what exactly it is that is holding you back from getting work done on time and find ways to break the habit. 

  • Addressing Discrimination on Campus

    A campus needs to be a safe space for students. Incidents of discrimination, overt and covert, can bring about a huge sense of loss to a student that takes time and is hard to recover from. It is everybody's responsibility to make sure that the campus environment is an inclusive one. Read more to understand more about how discrimination works and how it can be dismantled. 

  • The Importance of Good Mental Health

    Physical health is considered to be very important and taking regular care of it is viewed as something that can't be done without. In contrast to this, however, mental health is not given nearly the same level of importance. Even talking about it can be viewed with a certain level of stigma. This piece focuses on the importance of mental health and how taking good care of it as an integral part of our well-being. 

  • Nutrition, to Ace those Exams

    Study leave and exam time is often a period when students tend to ignore eating meals on time. However, given that this is an especially stressful period it helps to pay attention to taking care of one's nutrition requirements. Read this piece to look at how you can take better care of yourself during exam time. 

  • Transition from Campus to Corporate Life

    Moving to a new job from a collegiate environment comes with a lot of changes. While there is the aspect of financial independence, watching your work make a difference in the real world, there are also a whole new set of responsibilities that come with this new phase in an individual's life. Read this piece to learn a few important points to keep in mind that will help you manage this change better. 

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